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The Chiemgau tour

Delightful hiking adventures between Hochries and the Kampenwand

View from Spitzsteinhaus to the Kaisergebirge

This tour leads through Chiemgau’s mountain landscape in four leisurely stages: sun-drenched alpine pastures, exciting ridge walks, panoramic peaks … and really cosy mountain huts with regional specialities!


Important Note!

The Riesenhütte is currently closed for refurbishment.

We therefore recommend staying on the Hochrieshütte as a part of the Chiemgau tour instead of staying on the Riesenhütte.


The Riesenhütte is currently closed.

1st day: Hohenaschau – Riesenhütte

Starting along lush alpine meadows

sketch of the path: Hohenaschau – Hofalm – Riesenhütte

The railway conveniently brings you to Aschau in the Chiemgau region, where you can walk or catch a bus to the Hohenaschau starting point. From here, walk along Schlossbergstraße and over the Prien river bridge, then turn left and at the direction sign “Hammerbach, Weg Nr. 10” bear right. Pass by the old forge, which recalls the thriving iron industry lasting for centuries in these parts, and you will reach the restored “Kohlenbarrenhaus”, where the hiking trail begins. Slippery in wet weather, it leads across a stream and up through beautiful deciduous forest to a fork. Turning right will bring you quite leisurely to the Hofalm (970m), where alpine specialities are offered during the grazing season. Thus invigorated, follow the route marked 26 across the meadows, past a former lime kiln, and pick up the unpaved lane, that will bring you to the comfortable Riesenhütte (1346m), which is the day’s first destination. The surroundings are suited to brief exploratory walks within this alp landscape, or to the two light peaks near the hut: Spielberg (1440m) and Riesenberg (1449m).


Because the Riesenhütte is closed until further notice, we recommend staying on the Hochrieshütte as a part of the Chiemgau tour instead of staying on the Riesenhütte.

720m cumulative height, 2.5–3 hrs.*

2nd day: Riesenhütte – Spitzsteinhaus

The Spitzsteinhaus, 1252 m

After a leisurely breakfast, the hike initially continues along the unpaved lane. Branch off to the left beyond the Riesenalmen onto trail No. 26 down to the Holzerhütte and then bear right about 200m after the hut. Continue past the mountain rescue hut (Bergwachthütte) and the trail continues across a meadow sloping up to a ridge, and then to the right up to the summit of Predigtstuhl (1494m). You can now look forward to a magnificent, panoramic ridge walk across steep grass slopes for some of the way, to Klausenberg (1554m). Unfortunately, the Klausen Hut is no longer serviced (Status: spring 2008). The path called Weiterweg, (No. 10) leads to the west past Zinnenberg, across the broad meadows of Feichtenalm and up to Brandelberg ridge. Continue to the west below the summit and down to the col, then beyond over rocky terrain up onto the eastern side of Spitzstein, below its impressive sheer rock faces along to Aueralm and after a few more minutes to theSpitzsteinhaus (1252m), where you can enjoy a well-earned, hearty evening meal.

Circa 400m cumulative height, 4 – 5 hrs.*, sure-footedness required

3rd day: Spitzsteinhaus – Priener Hütte

On the way to the Spitzstein

Well rested, the climb up Spitzstein (1596m) should be made preferably before sunrise and with a light rucksack. Enjoy superb panoramic views at its peak. The ascent is somewhat steep and rocky, but can be mastered without difficulty (äæ 340m cumulative height, 2 hrs.). From the hut, the route continues east across alp terrain and through forest to Mesneralm, then rather steeply down to a meadow trail. It ends at a road that runs to the left to Sachrang (738m). Cross over the federal highway in the valley and follow the road towards the Priener Hütte. A good 20 minutes after a sharp bend to the right with a hut, turn off to the left. At the next fork you can choose: to the right, passing the valley meadow you will regain the road, along which is the Priener Hütte (1411m). To the left, meadow trails lead to the Schreckalm (1400m) and further along: likewise to the Alpine Club hut. Enjoy one of the specialities from the lodge’s kitchen – on the sunny terrace or in the cosy bar-parlour!

From the Spitzsteinhaus: 510m cumulative height descending, 700m cumulative height ascending, 4 hrs.*


4. day: Priener Hütte – Kampenwandbahn

Geigelstein, 1813 m

During this last stage you will wander through the Geigelstein Nature Reserve. Go north from the Priener Hütte past the small mountain rescue hut and in a wide arc across the slopes of the Geigelstein into the col below its summit (to avoid erosion damage, please stay on the path!). After a further 10 minutes you will reach the summit cross (1813m) at the highest point in the whole tour. Now wander leisurely – no steep inclines – across the Roßalm plateau (1680m, drinks available in summer) and to Weitlahnerkopf (1615m). A narrow path (at one point secured with cables) leads from the peak, steeply down to the Dalsensattel (1050m). The final ascent now lies before you: Along path No. 20 you will again work up quite a sweat until you reach the upper terminus of theKampenwandbahn (1467m). Enjoy being fortified by a hearty meal at the mountain inns Sonnenalm or Möslarnalm, before floating back down completely relaxed to Hohenaschau in the cable lift.

Circa 820m cumulative height in ascent, ca. 750m cumulative height in descent, 4.5 – 5.5 Std.*, sure-footedness required

* Indicated are the cumulative heights in ascent and descent as well as the total walking time without breaks.



DAV-Map BY 17 "Chiemgauer Alpen West – Hochries, Geigelstein", 1:25.000


Please note: All DAV-maps can be purchased at our service-points in Munich, located in the Globetrotter at Isartor, in the Sport Schuster at Marienplatz or the DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum in Gilching.

By train

Take the train from Munich HBF to Prien am Chiemsee and further on to Aschau im Chiemgau.

By bus

Now take the RVO-Bus to Hohenaschau, Haltestelle "Schlosseinkehr/Kampenwand" (by food ca. 25 min.).