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The Tauern Tour

An impressive mountain tour right around the Kaprun Valley

Kitzsteinhorn and retaining lakes Mooser and Wasserfallboden-Stausee
This four-day Tauern-range tour runs anticlockwise around the Kaprun Valley and opens up magnificent insights into the glacier-world of the High Tauern. This tour recommendation is aimed at sure-footed, experienced mountain climbers, who are looking for a uniquely beautiful hiking tour from hut to hut – in an area almost devoid of people.

Leaflet of the Tauerntour

The leaflet of the Tauerntour can be found

at the service-points in Munich, located in the Globetrotter at Isartor, in the Sport Schuster at Marienplatz or the DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum in Gilching


or can be downloaded here for free.

(This leaflet is available only in german language.)

1st day: Maiskogel – Krefelder Hütte

Krefelder Hütte, 2293 m

↑ 800m, 3.5–4 hrs.*; signposted, not very demanding path

The tour begins after the ride up from Kaprun at the Maiskogel at a height of 1540m. Follow the path from here for about 15 minutes across the ridge crest to the Gasthof Glocknerblick.

The Alexander-Enzinger-Weg now leads directly across the panoramic ridge, traversing the Dreiwallnerhöhe and the Schoppachhöhe, and up to the Stangenhöhe. Turn off the ridge here and cross the Grubalm cirque, then gently ascend over to the Krefelder Hütte.

Alternative Route: Hinterwald – Krefelder Hütte

Cosy Gettogether after the Tour

An alternative ascent route to the Krefelder Hut begins on the valley floor, about 1km north (down valley) from the Kaprun cable-car car park (when arriving by bus: at the Hinterwald bus stop). The path leads to the Salzburger Hütte and takes 2.5 hours, and in a further 1.5 hours via the No. 711 path up to the Krefelder Hütte. For car drivers this alternative has the advantage of not having to rely on the bus at the end of the round trip.

↑ 1430m, 4 hrs.*; signposted, not very demanding path

2nd day: Krefelder Hütte – Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus

Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus, 2802 m

↑ 1400m, ↓ 900m, 6–6.5 hrs.*; partially signposted, physically demanding mountain tour, secured in places; not difficult in snow-free conditions, may otherwise require crampons. Obtain current information by telephone from the hut!

On the second day of the Tauern tour you will experience the mountains from their high-alpine perspective – and with good weather conditions, a not very demanding stage, but with snowfall, crampons may be required. Well fortified by your breakfast in the Krefelder Hütte, the tour now leads to the Alpincenter Kaprun and continues to the south, then across an area of large boulders between Schmiedingerkees and Eissee on the Alpine-Club path 726 to the Hoher Kammer rock slope. On short, steep bends you will reach the northern (or lower) Kammerscharte wind gap in the northeast ridge of the well-known Kitzsteinhorn (to this point: 2 hours). After the descent across grassy slopes there follows a long, descending slope traverse over the Hochschober to the Ebmatenalm (Fürthermoaralm) and further to Restaurant Mooserboden.

The trail leads to the east over the two dam walls and then in sharp curves across a small scarp to a grassy hollow. Do not go up onto the Gleiwitzer High Trail here, but walk up on the Alpine-Club path 718 diagonally right (a short, cable-secured passage) and then up the west flank in several serpentine bends. Ascend further across a secured passage over rock slabs and soon quite easily across rocky terrain, to the right, up to the Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus, recently renovated (2011), and situated at an outstanding location overlooking the Mooserboden.

Optional: Großes Wiesbachhorn, 3564 m 

The following day opens up the option of extending the tour by an extra day, crossing the Kaindl ridge and climbing the 3564 m high Große Wiesbachhorn and enjoying a further night as well as the spectacular views from the Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus. A relatively tractable but magnificent high trail without glacier contact.

↑↓ 760m, 5 hrs.*; rocky terrain up to difficulty-grade l, possibly snow/ice up to 35° gradient, recommended only during optimal weather conditions

3rd day: Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus – Gleiwitzer Hütte

Splendid view on the way to Gleiwitzer Hütte

↑ 1050m, ↓ 1620m, 6–8 hrs.*; partially signposted, high-alpine traverse, partly exposed, secured in places; only in good weather conditions!

Today is the most demanding stage and likewise the high point of the Tauern tour. These partly exposed high-alpine traverses should only be undertaken during good conditions and following a hearty breakfast at the Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus.

The trail initially leads down to the Mooserboden Alpine Reservoir; keep to the right at the branch-off above the concrete dam, and walk in a long, level traverse (Alpine-Club path 723) across several streams until you come to the ridge called Hausebenrücken. The route here follows the Bauernbrachkopf fall line up sharp bends to a good 2600 m (about 400 m cumulative height; firstly grassy slopes, then fractured rock slopes) and diagonally left up onto the crest height of the Kempsenkopf (3090 m), the highest point of the round-trip.

Along the crest the signs point downward to the Obere Jägerscharte (partially secured). On the southeast side, to the left, walk across a grass flank – level in places – to the Spitzbrettwand ridge (secured throughout). After descending into the Untere Jägerscharte, walk firstly through a level, steep-sided ravine (snow, secured by cable grips) into the Ochsen cirque, then over the mountain meadows of the Zwinghänge in a northerly direction to the Gleiwitzer Hütte.

4th day: Gleiwitzer Hütte – Kapruner Tal

Gleiwitzer Hütte, 2174 m

↑ 200m, ↓ 1460m, 4–5 hrs.*; signposted trail, undemanding

This final stage initially ascends from the Gleiwitzer Hütte on path No. 723 to a cumulative height of 200m to the Brandlscharte and thereafter across green alpine meadows and sparse mixed woodland down into the Kaprun valley.

The last part of the trail in the valley, from the Kaprun Glacier cable-car to Kaprun (circa 10 km), is best made with the Postbus (Timetable info: Tel. +43 6542 5444-18,

* Indicated are the cumulative heights in ascent and descent as well as the total walking time without breaks.



DAV-Map 40 "Glocknergruppe" 1:25.000

DAV-Map 34/2 "Kitzbüheler Alpen" Östliches Blatt 1:50.000

Please note: All DAV-maps can be purchased at our service-points in Munich, located in the Globetrotter at Isartor, in the Sport Schuster at Marienplatz or the DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum in Gilching.

By train

Take the train to Wörgl or Salzburg and take there the train to Zell am See. (from 2:40 to 4:20 hrs.)

By bus

Take the bus 660 from Zell am See to Kaprun (Stop Maiskogelbahn or Hinterwald, 25 min.).

Verkehrsverbund Tirol

Impressions of the Tauern tour


Tauerntour – Das Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus in Traumkulisse