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The Karwendel Tour

The dream-tour in the heart of the Karwendel alpine park

Delightful hikes on wonderful tracks

A mountain experience that can’t be beaten! Take this perfectly composed all-in-one tour package:

Train & bus will take you there, the alpine huts and restaurants await you, and in traditional, rustic ambience their innkeepers will pamper you with culinary delicacies.

Only the hiking, venturing and enjoying will you have to do yourself!

But you’ll require sufficient stamina to match the ascent times specified!

Leaflet of the Karwendeltour

The leaflet of the Karwendeltour can be found

at the service-points in Munich, located in the Globetrotter at Isartor, in the Sport Schuster at Marienplatz or the DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum in Gilching


or can be downloaded here for free.

(This leaflet is available only in german language.)

1st day: Hinterriß – Falkenhütte

The Falkenhütte in front of the Laliderer-Walls

↑ 980m, ↓ 60m, 4–5 hrs.* (Mahnkopf: additional ↑↓ 290m, 1.5 hrs.)

With the BOB rail service & RVO bus you will arrive relaxed at the tour’s starting point in Hinterriß, at the "Gasthof zur Post" bus stop. In the "Alpenpark Karwendel" information centre – signs show the way there – you have the opportunity, before the start of your tour, to learn about the Karwendel region via natural history films and exhibitions.

Afterwards, walk along trail 231 into the lower Johannestal and on the new road to the Kleiner Ahornboden. From here – following the sign "Falkenhütte" – into the Ladiz Wood and to the beautifully situated Ladizalm (1573 m). Continue in sharp turns up to the Spielissjoch and then right up to the Falkenhütte (1848 m).

If you so desire, and depending on your condition, in the afternoon you can also continue to the hut’s home peak – the Mahnkopf (2094 m), and enjoy a magnificent view of the Karwendel range. Enjoying the rustic, traditional flair of the hut in its grand mountain scenery will make your evening and night spent there a real pleasure. The Kostenzer family and their team will spoil you with Tyrolean specialities.

2nd day: Falkenhütte – Alpengasthof Eng

Alpengasthof Eng

↑ 100m, ↓ 750m, 2–3 hrs.* (Gamsjoch: additional ↑↓ 750m, 4 hrs.)

After a hearty breakfast, begin by returning to the Spielissjoch and walk along beneath the spectacular Laliderer North-faces to the Hohljoch (1794 m). Those with more stamina and sure-footedness now walk via the Lalidersalm and the Gumpenjöchl up to the Gamsjoch (2452 m) and back again to the Hohljoch, from where you rejoin the main trail on a good hiking path and descend to the Eng-Almen.

 In the alpine lodge Alpengasthof Eng (1203 m) you can spend the evening and the night. Take some time to enjoy the surroundings and relax: In the new recuperation oasis with steam-grotto and sunbathing lawn in the midst of greenery you will find pure tranquillity! For your culinary well-being, the Kofler host family will provide you with their renowned creativity and exquisite variety.

3rd day: Alpengasthof Eng – Lamsenjochhütte

Franziska Leutner
Lamsenjochhütte, 1953 m

↑ 750m, 2–3 hrs.* (Lamsenspitze: additional ↑↓ 560m, 3.5 hrs.)

Before once again putting on your hiking boots, the morning begins with a substantial breakfast buffet in the Alpengasthof Eng. The trail starts on the road to Binsalm (1503 m) and further to the western Lamsenjoch (1940 m). Walk from here further, on an almost level trail to the already visible Lamsenjochhütte (1953 m).

One of the best-known Karwendel peaks is the Lamsenspitze (2508 m), which you can climb via an interesting, varied and moderately difficult via ferrata. Above all, the passages through the "Lamstunnel" and later through the chasm of the "Turnerrinne" offer lofty, plunging views and spectacular photo motifs. Please only use the path and via ferrata with alpine experience and the relevant gear (helmet, via ferrata equipment). A further night is now spent in the hut's cosy atmosphere.

Enjoy the tenderly prepared and stylishly served food – from your host family, the Erharts – with a glass of red wine among the impressive mountain surroundings all around the Lamsenjochhütte.

4th day: Lamsenjochhütte – Pertisau

Franziska Leutner
Sonnjoch, 2457 m (in the background)

↓ 690m, 2 hrs.* (Pertisau: additional ↓ 300m, 1–2 hrs.)

Lamsenjochhütte – Sonnjoch – Gramaialm: ↑ 830m, ↓ 1520m, 6–7 hrs.*

After breakfast, those in a hurry can walk straight down to Gramaialm (1263 m) and then – either further on foot or with the nostalgia-bus along the Falzthurn valley – catch the early RVO bus in Pertisau.

With sufficient time and condition you could however also ascend the Sonnjoch (2457 m), which is famous for its views. Along the normal route, this summit is not particularly difficult to climb, but does however require some effort. Firstly, return to the Lamsenjoch, where the path branches off towards Hahnkampl (2080 m) and Binssattel (1901 m). A good path leads you past the Gramaialm-Hochleger (1756 m), and finally distinctive climbing tracks take you across scree, schrofen (steep terrain, strewn with rocks), and grass slopes to the summit.

Return by the same route as far as the Gramaialm-Hochleger and across steep grass slopes down to Gramaialm (1263 m) and then either by foot or with the nostalgia-bus out to Pertisau. From here, the RVO bus & BOB train bring you safely back home after what has hopefully been a truly delightful holiday tour in the Karwendel mountain range. Please refer to the timetables and consider them when planning your initial departure time! Alternatively, you can descend via the Binssattel down to Eng village.

* Indicated are the cumulative heights in ascent and descent as well as the total walking time without breaks.



DAV-Map 5/2 "Karwendelgebirge Mitte" 1:25.000

DAV-Map 5/3 "Karwendelgebirge – östliches Blatt" 1:25.000

Please note: All DAV-maps can be purchased at our service-points in Munich, located in the Globetrotter at Isartor, in the Sport Schuster at Marienplatz or the DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum in Gilching.

By train

Take the Bayerischen Oberlandbahn (BOB) from Munich Central Station to Lenggries (1 hr.)

On your way back home take the BOB from the station Tegernsee to Munich (1 hr.)

By bus

From June to October there is a bus from (Bad Tölz –) Lenggries to Hinterriß (40 min.).

On your way back home take the bus RVO-Buslinie 9550 from Pertisau Karwendellift to Bahnhof Tegernsee (40 min.)